Minutes 2012 – New Orleans, Louisiana

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The 2012 Business Meeting of the Andrew Marvell Society was called to order at 8:30 a.m. by President Nigel Smith.

Members present

Nigel Smith (President), Timothy Raylor (Vice President), Sean McDowell (Past President), Joan Faust (Executive Secretary), George Klawitter, Alex Garganigo, Greg Miller, Martin Dzelzainis, Nicholas von Maltzahn, Brett Hudson, Emma Wilson, and Kora Vidnovic.

Members were given copies of the minutes from our 2011 meeting in St. Louis as well as this meeting’s agenda.

I. Minutes

The minutes of the 2011 Marvell Business Meeting were unanimously approved.

II. Old business; updates

  1. Nigel reported that the Marvell session at the 2011 RSA Meeting in Montreal was well attended.
  2. At the 2012 RSA Meeting in Washington, D.C. on March 22-24, 2012, we will sponsor two sessions:
    1. The Text of the 1681 edition, with Dianne Purkiss discussing her efforts to digitize the Popple MS.
    2. Nick McDowell and Giulio Pertile will appear in a session on Marvell and allegiance, political and poetic.

III. New business

  1. The 2013 RSA Meeting is set for April 4-5 in San Diego, CA
    1. Members offered suggestions for sessions/chairs:
      1. Timothy Raylor and Edward Holberton are working to organize a session on Marvell and naval matters.
      2. Nicholas von Maltzahn may contribute to it.
      3. Nigel invited other ideas for a session.
    2. Nigel reminded members that the RSA has a very early deadline for session requests, probably this May.
  2. 2013 SCRC Meeting in Omaha, Nebraska.
    1. The Marvell Society sponsors the Martz Lecture in 2013, and Nicholas von Maltzahn has agreed to deliver it.
    2. Several sessions were suggested for the conference:
      1. A poem session on “Bermudas” with George Klawitter, Tim Raylor, and Joan Faust agreeing to participate.
      2. A possible session on dating.
      3. A possible session on digitizing Marvell.
      4. Nigel Smith agreed to organize a session.
      5. A session on Fairfax: Nicholas von Maltzahn agreed to pursue this.
  3. Sean McDowell reported that the George Herbert Society plans to meet on the opposite side of the Atlantic every three years. They should, then, meet in the U.S. in 2014. Plans are to make the gathering an international conference on all Renaissance poetry. Sean will send out information when he finds more details.
  4. Nicholas von Maltzahn noted that the 2011 minutes mentioned a potential expanded publication of the Marvell edition of Explorations in Renaissance Literature as a separate collection of essays. He questioned whether this was still being planned. Sean explained that he may contact a press like Oxford University Press to see if there is interest. If so, since some articles already appear elsewhere, he would have to add new material.

IV. Elections

  1. Vice-President: Martin Dzelzainis was nominated for vice-president and unanimously elected. He will serve two years under new president Tim Raylor.
  2. Emma Wilson and Greg Miller were nominated to fill the two vacant positions on the Executive Committee. They were also unanimously elected.
  3. For our replacement on the Marvell Society representative on the SCRC Executive Board, the Executive Committee appointed Joan Faust to fill the three-year term (2012-2014).
  4. Editor, The Andrew Marvell Newsletter:
    1. Because George Klawitter, present editor of the Newsletter, is retiring from St. Edward’s University and moving to Indiana, the Marvell Society was charged to select a replacement.
    2. George agreed to assist Alan Altimont, his colleague at St. Edward’s who has been serving as Associate Editor, in publishing the summer edition of the Newsletter since Alan is now in France. Alan also agreed to edit the second volume for publication (for Winter 2012) until a new editor is in place for volume 5. 3. Matthew Augustine, who recently accepted a position at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, agreed to then take over as editor and webmaster from volume 5 (2013).

V. Thanks

  1. Outgoing President Nigel Smith was given hearty congratulations for his energetic and successful presidency, during which he has led us into participation at RSA meetings and published a major new biography of Marvell.
  2. In appreciation for his many years of service to The Andrew Marvell Society, serving as president, webmaster, and editor of The Andrew Marvell Newsletter, and in celebration of his forty-nine years of teaching, Nigel Smith and Tim Raylor presented to George Klawitter a framed 18th-Century engraving of Marvell by Thomas Bonnor (d. c.1807-12). 3. Further thanks were given by the President to the outgoing Society officers for their conscientious and generous work.

VI. Adjourned

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Faust
Executive Secretary