Executive committee


Joanna Picciotto

Joanna Picciotto is Associate Professor of English at the University of California, Berkeley.

Labors of Innocence in Early Modern England (Harvard, 2010), Joanna’s first book, is a wide-ranging study of intellectual labor and knowledge production centered on the early modern recuperation of Adam as an agent of ‘innocent curiosity’. She is currently working on two projects: a study of poetry and natural theology in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and a study of innovations in communicative action by groups across the same span.

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Blaine Greteman is Associate Professor of English at the University of Iowa.

Blaine’s first book, The Poetics and Politics of Youth in Milton’s England (Cambridge, 2013),argues that concepts of youth and childhood crucially inform seventeenth-century debates over political and poetic voice. Working with information scientists and software engineers, he has helped build Shakeosphere,an online tool that is mining and mapping nearly every written record in English before 1800. His second book, Networking Print In Shakespeare’s England (Stanford, 2021) shows how this networked approach reshapes our understanding of early modern literature.

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Matthew C. Augustine

Matthew Augustine is Senior Lecturer in English at the University of St Andrews.

He is the author of Aesthetics of Contingency: Writing, Politics, and Culture in England, 1639-89 (Manchester, 2018), a study of imaginative and polemical writing from the Bishops’ Wars to the Glorious Revolution and beyond; he is also co-editor, with Christopher D’Addario, of Texts and Readers in the Age of Marvell (Manchester, 2018). A member of the Marvell Society since 2010, Matthew has previously served as Vice President (2016-18) and Webmaster and Editor of Publications (2012-18).

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Katie Kadue is Collegiate Assistant Professor and Harper-Schmidt Fellow in the Humanities at the University of Chicago.

Katie’s first book, Domestic Georgic: Labors of Preservation from Rabelais to Milton (Chicago, 2021), examines the poetics of preservative labor in early modern French and English literature. She is also at work on a project on flowers, clichés, and misogyny in lyric. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Studies in Philology, Montaigne Studies, and Modern Philology.

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Ryan Netzley is Professor of English at Southern Illinois University.

Ryan’s research interests include Renaissance literature, particularly seventeenth-century lyric and Milton, literature of the English Reformation, and critical and poststructuralist theory. His most recent book is Lyric Apocalypse: Milton, Marvell, and the Nature of Events (Fordham, 2015), an examination of Milton’s and Marvell’s attempts to conceive of apocalyptic change in the present.

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Elected Members

  • Brett DeFries (St Olaf College), 2021-24
  • Madeline Lesser (University of California, Berkeley), 2019-22
  • Ruby Lowe (NYU), 2021-24
  • Giulio Pertile (University of St Andrews), 2019-22
  • Anita Sherman (American University), 2020-23
  • Julianne Werlin (Duke University), 2021-24
  • Brendan Prawdzik (Penn State University), ex officio, President SCRC