Honorees of the Andrew Marvell Society

Each year the Andrew Marvell Society honors an emerging scholar with the John M. Wallace award, given for the best paper presented by an early career researcher at the Society’s annual meeting.

The award recognises the signal contribution to Marvell studies of John M. Wallace (1928-93), Professor of English at the University of Chicago and author of the ground-breaking interdisciplinary work, Destiny his Choice: The Loyalism of Andrew Marvell (1968).

The award is open to graduate students, independent scholars, and faculty within five years of completing a PhD.

Past recipients of the John M. Wallace award:

2019. Madeline Lesser (University of California, Berkeley), ‘Providence as Autopoesis in Marvell’s First Anniversary

2018. Nadine Weiss (University of Cambridge), ‘Sonnets That Wreathe: Seventeenth-Century Devotional Wreathed Poems and the Case of The Coronet

2017. Kelly Duquette (Emory University), ‘Ashamed and Tamed: Civilizing the Irish in Marvell’s Horatian Ode

2016. Stephanie Coster (University of Leicester), ‘Robert Boulter and the Publication of the Miscellaneous Poems (1681)’

2015. Russ McConnell (University of Alabama), ‘”According to the Lawes”: The Problematic Grammar of Andrew Marvell’s “Daphnis and Chloe”‘

2014. Brett Hudson (Middle Tennessee State University), ‘Marvell’s Satire of Corporal Punishment in the Rehearsal Transpros’d

2013. Matthew C. Augustine (University of St Andrews), ‘Marvell and the Scriblerians’