Marvell Studies

Marvell Studies is the official journal of the Andrew Marvell Society.

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It is published by the Open Library of Humanities. Formerly known as the Andrew Marvell Newsletter, our journal is published twice a year. Open access and fully peer reviewed, Marvell Studies aims to set the pace for the next generation of scholarship on Marvell and his age.

Marvell Studies publishes original essays, shorter articles, notes, and reviews with the purpose of advancing scholarship on Andrew Marvell and his milieu. The journal builds on more than half a decade of online commentary collected under the auspices of the Andrew Marvell Society. By founding a peer-reviewed journal in Marvell’s name, we are staking a claim to Marvell’s stature as a writer perhaps second only to Milton in his time, important as much to the history of liberty as the history of literature. In choosing open access, we honour the collaborative nature of Marvell studies and of the Marvell Society, which brings together scholars from around the globe – from the US and the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Japan – and facilitates intellectual exchange with increasing reach.

Our ideal essay is of moderate length (5,000 to 8,000 words) and makes a significant contribution to understanding some aspect of Marvell’s writing, his cultural contexts, or his historical reception. We welcome all approaches, those well established and those more experimental, historicist and non-historicist. Above all, we seek to publish exemplary work, posing new questions or offering new answers to old ones. We also welcome shorter articles and notes, especially those announcing archival findings of interest to readers of the journal, as Marvell Studies seeks to establish itself at the forefront of discovery and knowledge exchange. Proposals for special issues will also be considered. All submissions must be made through our OLH interface.

Editorial Board

  • Ryan Netzley (Southern Illinois University), Editor-in-Chief
  • Matthew Augustine (University of St Andrews), Editor Emeritus
  • Laurent Curelly (University of Upper Alsace), Reviews Editor
  • Martin Dzelzainis (University of Leicester)
  • Alex Garganigo (Austin College)
  • Derek Hirst (Washington University, St Louis)
  • Nicholas McDowell (University of Exeter)
  • David Norbrook (University of Oxford)
  • Diane Purkiss (University of Oxford)
  • Timothy Raylor (Carleton College)
  • Nigel Smith (Princeton University)
  • Nicholas von Maltzahn (University of Ottawa)
  • Steven Zwicker (Washington University, St Louis)